Camisetas tatuajes

The clothes that best match your tattoos

Feel the magic of our exclusive designs created by professional illustrators. Fill your social networks with likes.
T-shirts printed with the best printers in the world.
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The clothes that best match your tattoos

Feel the magic of our exclusive designs created by professional illustrators. Get personality, attractiveness, reinforce your style and feel like a protagonist. Fill your social networks with likes.

The best t-shirts printed with the most prestigious printers in the world, in an ethical and environmentally friendly way, under an exhaustive quality control of the products and prints.

The exclusive t-shirts that best match your tattoos, created by professional illustrators. Biker t-shirts, hooligan t-shirts, t-shirts for skaters, t-shirts for gamers, black t-shirts for heavies, punkies, grunge designs. Urban sweatshirts, embroidered caps... If you're a rebel, if you have personality and wear a look that makes a difference, you'll love the premium designs that our designers have created for you to proudly wear your urban style, that street style that's so cool.

Urban clothing shop that won't leave you indifferent

Have you seen our T-shirts fighting for the freedom of Venezuela? Or the T-shirt on sale, for which we make no profit, fighting against the degradation of the Menor Sea in Murcia (Spain)? Or our environmentalist T-shirts like the one that says we have to save the planet because there is no plan B? If the earth is destroyed, there is no alternative to live. Social values that will not leave you indifferent. We also have t-shirts for twins with exclusive designs. On the other hand, we also have custom t-shirts on which you can put your name, year of birth, slogans, funny phrases, etc. in one easy step. Perfect gifts for Christmas, birthday ideas, t-shirts for Valentine's Day, mugs for Father's Day or Mother's Day. We care that with our products you look great with your friends or family or just look in the mirror and see that urban t-shirt you always dreamed of.

Original t-shirts shop

Urban Hooligans is a streetwear shop with exclusive designs never seen in other urban clothing shops. First of all, our client, the urban culture fan, is our muse, our inspiration. Therefore, that the urban clothing store exists is thanks to that lifestyle of youthful clothing. Secondly, our designers, in fact, are streetwear users and that's why the result is noticeable. Finally, we are passionate about urban clothing and we will continue to rack our brains for you to enjoy cool t-shirts and accessories.

One of the best stores for original t-shirts

Previously we told you that we work on urban clothing with passion. In keeping with our objectives, offering the best price is also a priority. Every custom t-shirt, every funny t-shirt, geeky t-shirt, etc., is usually priced as low as possible. In urban clothing stores like ours, just as we put all our efforts in the quality of fabric and design, we also focus on price. Although our designs take longer to produce than most urban clothing stores, we still know that street style can't be expensive. Fans of youth clothing don't really have a lot of purchasing power. Therefore, we will always try to keep our urban fashion affordable and with good street & casual offers.

Original men's t-shirts

Despite focusing the Urban Hooligans urban clothing store on urban culture, we do not neglect other factors. For example, following the same urban style, we offer accessories such as mugs, posters, shoes or flags among others. We offer a lot of variety in t-shirts, such as funny t-shirts, custom t-shirts, skater t-shirts, t-shirts for gifts, t-shirts for birthdays. Within the clothing we sell hooded sweatshirts, hoodless sweatshirts, flags, caps and hats... All items are perfect gifts for father's day, mother's day, Christmas gifts, for anniversaries, gifts for boyfriend, gifts for girlfriend, t-shirts for grandparents.... We have the coolest and most varied designs of all the urban clothing shops.

Customizable T-shirts for men

An urban clothing store is not just a site with t-shirts to give away, sweatshirts, mugs and other urban fashion accessories. In addition, there is a background behind it. Youth clothing is a lifestyle. It represents values that we want to show through a rebellious style, often a stereotype. And not only the youth can wear street style, because rebellion, the fight against injustice, has no age. We have T-shirts for the grey-haired biker. Bikers wearing vintage black T-shirts with slogans that feel. We also have eco-friendly T-shirts, either by their message or by their composition. In terms of fashion sustainability, we have no stock to avoid textile waste. So if you're looking for an urban store, it's worth it.

Geek T-shirt store

Influencers in the fashion world are currently the biggest fashion icon for fashion fans. Just like general fashion, urban fashion is not left out, and its fans follow influencers' Instagram accounts and get inspired by their looks and lifestyles. They create trends and have thousands of followers wanting to copy all their urban styles. Therefore, all brands want to count on them to promote their products. However, many influencers are driven by money, and don't care about the values that urban fashion represents. Keep this in mind before following their advice.

Where to buy original t-shirts

Finally, Urban Hooligans represents all those urban tribes, all those lovers of different cultures, different styles of music or behavior. As long as there are bikers who like to wear black vintage t-shirts with their retro slogans, representing their lifestyle. As long as there are true fans of hip hop, heavy metal, punk. As long as the LGBT community wants to fight against marginalization or discrimination based on sexual orientation. While skateboarders are considered criminals for their passion. As long as for the sake of patriotism a person is attacked and is not allowed to exercise his right to demonstrate freely, respecting the law. As long as there are environmentalists fighting climate change. Generally speaking, as long as there is so much to fight for, Urban Hooligans will be at the service of all urbanites.

Original t-shirts for women

We care about the environment and the future of our planet. That's why the Urban Hooligans production and logistics team is hard at work. Nearly one million tons of textile waste are produced each year and end up in landfills. The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Sustainable urban fashion aims to ensure that clothing is manufactured, sold and used as sustainably as possible. Cotton clothing is widely used for its convenience, but cotton crops use products such as pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers, which mix with water and leach into the soil, severely affecting the areas where they are found. Urban Hooligans works on demand and thus generates less waste. We only print the products once the customer places the order. There are companies that also work on demand, but generate a lot of waste due to damaged products during the printing process. We do not. Those responsible for the production of Urban Hooligans products donate the returned products to charities and animal shelters.

Custom t-shirts for women

Custom t-shirts are a guaranteed hit when you're looking for gift ideas. For example, we have t-shirts with the sign of the zodiac, with the characteristics of your horoscope. In addition, you can put your name or the name of the person who is going to wear it. And the design is exclusive, you won't see it in another urban store or in a similar way unless they copy our designs. However, all our exclusive designs are registered and we do not hesitate to take legal action in case someone wants to take advantage of the hours that our designers invest. Because we design with passion, because we love what we do. Thus, when a skateboard-loving designer starts a design, he is enjoying it and the result shows, because he stands up for skateboarding.