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Buy custom flags

At Urban Hooligans we have custom flags. We have country flags, lgtb, heavys and much more. It is an ideal gift to decorate a room in your house or balcony. These flags are made of polyester and even if we fold or wrinkle them, there is no wrinkle or shrinkage left. Their durability is great since they are made of a good material that prevents what was said above. Its print is made on one side and is knitted. They are perfect to hang them in your house and in other places such as balconies. You can take them to a lot of places on the street where you can hang them as they will look very pretty and they will be very cool.

How to make a custom flag?

If you are looking for accessories to decorate don’t think twice and buy a flag from our website. Put a flag of your country in your room so that you remember it every time you see it. It is an ideal gift for people who are very patriotic or like to have country flags in their home. If you are a soccer fan or the person you want to give a gift to is also a soccer fan, you can give them a flag of their favorite team. Surely you will like to see a high-quality flag of your favorite team hanging in your house every day. If you have doubts, look at our online flag store and see all the designs you want. If you have any questions about our flags and accessories store you can contact our team.

Custom flags with photos

Are you looking for room accessories and you don’t know which ones to choose or you have no idea what to buy? Don’t think too much about it and go to our online accessories store and take a look at our wide range of flags and accessories. We assure you that you will surely find a flag or decoration that you like. It is not only to decorate but also one of our majestic flags can be taken to events, demonstrations, parties and countless other places. To go to see football matches it is very happy to take a flag of your team if you see it in the stadium or in a bar with your friends. For this reason we recommend you buy team flags to encourage your team more. Carry the feeling and pride of your club by carrying a flag and shouting your anthem at full volume. If you want a specific flag, do not hesitate to write to us.

Custom Flag Features

In our accessories store where we have a lot of products, we highlight the extraordinary custom flags. You can acquire your personalized flag to have something exclusive on your property. You can take it to the street or hang it in your house and see that this flag is unique. Search our website where you will find our store and you will be able to see a lot of decorating accessories if you have just moved or simply if you want to make a change in your house. If you need new decorations to decorate your house, here you have the best flags and accessories.

Customize online flag

Do you need things to decorate your room because you have moved or because all you want is to change a little? Be patriotic and buy some country flags to have more room accessories. Make your custom flag from our online store to take it anywhere and encourage the most with it. Get your LGBT flag to support the group and be able to show yourself more and be able to normalize this whole issue as best as possible. Get your flag now at Urban Hooligans and acquire the one you like the most personalized. If you want a specific flag, don’t hesitate to write to us.We’ll make the design for you.

Where to buy custom flags

If you want a flag of your favorite team to decorate your home so that everyone who goes there knows which team you belong to, buy one at Urban Hooligans. Here we have team flags. These are the best value for money on the market. They are made of 100% polyester. They are knitted so the quality of the design is very top. Search in Google country flags and enter our website where you have our store and you can buy all the flags and accessories you want.


Flags printed on one side. Since they are made of polyester, the flag does not wrinkle or shrink and lasts a long time.
100% polyester
Fabric weight: 150 g/m² (4.42 oz/yd²)
blank back
Double fold cuff
2 steel washers
CPSIA Compliance Certificates
Oekotex Standard 100 and FR certificates