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Buy personalized posters

Buy custom posters. If you want to decorate your room or any part of your house, do not hesitate to put a poster. We have all kinds of posters such as cities, landscapes, animals, heavy metal, lgtbi collective, etc… Search the internet for decoration accessories and go to our online accessories store. We have the best value for money posters. Hang one of these posters on your wall and decorate your home as you like. Everyone will be surprised when they visit your house and see those posters that will leave them in awe. They will ask you where you bought them as they will want one just like yours.

Characteristics of personalized posters

Get your personalized poster at Urban Hooligans. Buy your personalized posters in our section of decoration accessories and enjoy them hanging from your walls and ceilings according to your favorite tastes. If you have a son or daughter who wants a poster of their favorite series, movie or character, buy one for them as it is an ideal birthday gift or perfect Christmas gift. Put in your house and in all your rooms posters of your series, tastes, movies and many more things that are your favorites. Give your partner a poster of their favorite singer when it is your anniversary as they are an ideal anniversary gift. For February 14, if you are one of the lucky ones who have a partner, do not hesitate to give an accessory from our page to your boyfriend or girlfriend. They are perfect Valentine’s gifts that your partner will appreciate.

Customize poster online

Buy in our online poster store. We have framed image posters so that you can have the posters you want in your home, personalized to your liking so that you can combine everything as you wish. Look at Urban Hooligans in our online poster store all the accessories we have to decorate your home. In our room posters section. We have movie posters for movie lovers who want to have a memory of it. We have a wide variety of posters in all sizes. Large and small posters to be able to hang them anywhere in your home and not have any problem. If you don’t like it or it hasn’t worked for you, you can return it completely free of charge. Continuing with the previous topic, if you now order a personalized one at Urban Hooligans, the shipping will be free.

Custom posters with free shipping

Personalized posters with free shipping. Buy your posters to decorate your walls so that your room is not so empty after moving or having done renovations. Bring your home to life with our personalized posters. You can find them on our website in the decoration accessories section. They are ideal Valentine’s gifts. Give as a gift to celebrate the years with your partner a poster. It is a perfect anniversary gift. Do not hesitate and acquire the one you like the most by looking at our website.

Customizable posters with photos

Personalize your favorite posters with photos of your drawings, family members, friends or the couple you love the most. If you want a specific design, do not hesitate to write to us and we will make it for you. Put in our online store posters images to frame to be able to see our great repertoire of room posters. You can hang them on walls, ceilings, cabinets or windows. You have free shipping just as if you don’t want it you can return it for free. Everyone who visits your house and room will be surprised by how beautiful they are and they will ask you where you bought them to have one.

Large Custom Posters

Everyone wants to have some large posters of their movies, series, characters, drawings, celebrities and other preferences in their room. Get in our online poster store in our accessories section the movie posters that you like the most to hang them in your home. Brighten up your day by getting up from your room and seeing them hanging on your walls. You can watch your most beloved series or characters every day in your own room while you sleep or rest from your day to day.


Posters of various sizes. Made of matte, thick and resistant paper. Giclee print on acid-free paper.

Paper thickness: 0.26mm (10.3 mil)
Paper weight: 189 g/m² (5.57 oz/yd²)
Opacity: 94%
ISO Brightness: 104%
Giclee quality print

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