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First of all, mention that skaters are an urban tribe that emerged in the 70s in California, United States. They practice skateboarding and are mainly young people between 8 and 30 years of age. They wear loose clothing, wide shoes, belts with large buckles and urban shirts. They use their own informal language. They are rebellious and anti-capitalist. The skaters go in groups and have their hierarchy, being the lifers the oldest and veterans. There are more than 14 million skaters in the world. Most are under 18 years old and are men. Although many skaters wear brand name clothing, the anti-commercial rebellious sense is a contradiction in such cases. That any preppy kid wears Vans is not funny to true skaters. If you are looking to buy authentic skater t-shirts you have come to the right place.

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Skaters wear alternative clothing, urban style, with particular designs and accessories that stand out such as caps and chains, belts, low-rise pants with large pockets and wide legs and Sagging to reveal underwear. And of course, skateboarding t-shirts with slogans like skate or die. Like other urban tribes, they like to show their ideals on t-shirts or skateboard sweatshirts. Our team of designers creates urban clothing for skaters with the aim of showing off exclusive designs. One of the virtues of Urban Hooligans is being able to offer very well thought out premium designs for different groups. In addition, we try to make prices as affordable as possible. Our clients are, among others, groups such as skaters, and they are our most precious asset. That you feel comfortable in the store and find skater t-shirts at the best price is our goal. If you are a fan of skateboards, a fan of skateboarding, take a look at the skater t-shirts section. You will find many designs that you will not see in other stores at the best price.

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First of all, to inform you that our store does not have the t-shirts that you will see at a posh concert with hundreds of girls all dressed the same. A rebellious, non-conformist, anti-capitalist skater should not wear global brands internationally. Do you want to dress like everyone else? A authentic skater looking to buy skater t-shirts should want skateboard t-shirts to identify with. Buying online gives you the advantage that your store is open 24/7. At any time you can take a look at our catalog of skater shirts. You can add the ones you like the most to the wish list and come back whenever you want. At times like Black Friday you come back and you can find skater t-shirts on sale. In addition, if you follow us on our social networks you will be aware of the news and offers on skate t-shirts. Online sales also help you to see how the garments look on models, female and male. In this way you get the idea of ​​how your friends will freak out when you arrive with your skate is not a crime at the skating area.

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Take a look at t-shirts with exclusive Urban Hooligans designs and imagine wearing them at fifty-fifty or Lip. Or when hunting a trick without the feet leaving the skateboard until they reach the ground. Wearing an original skateboarding t-shirt to disciplines such as slalom, freestyle, downhill or longjump is not the same as wearing one at the mall. Do you want to wear the brand that hundreds of kids wear to the disco on duty? Do not bother me! Among our designers there are skateboarders. They create designs with passion. They feel what they do. What skater t-shirts to buy? It’s up to you. The ones that everyone wears or those of Urban Hooligans. The ones that freak out or the commercial ones. Choose, man. If you want to buy authentic skater t-shirts, you’re in the right place.

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You know, if you want to buy skater t-shirts with exclusive designs, original skater t-shirts, with authentic slogans, take a look around here. We adjust the prices for you. We create new designs from time to time.

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