Sneakers de mujer

Women’s sneakers and casual shoes

If you want to buy women’s high top sneakers here you have the coolest ones. The best matching sneakers for women.

Get your best look with our designs. Attract the eyes of others, with the most beautiful women’s sneakers that combine with any outfit. Feel their magic when you go out on the street. Exclusive designs made by creatives with decades of experience. 100% polyester canvas upper, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber outsole, breathable lining and soft insole, synthetic leather toe cap and padded edge.

Sneakers de mujer
Sneakers de mujer

Why buy high top sneakers at Urban Hooligans?

Because buying sneakers in our online store is very easy. Choose the models you like the most, select the size you want (see the size equivalence on the bottom of each product) and pay for your purchase. Your casual shoes will arrive at your doorstep for your convenience.

It’s that simple, you avoid having to take the car or go out to the streets to find several designs of women’s sneakers and then wait in line to pay. That’s over thanks to our online store. You make the purchase in a comfortable and fast way, as you like.

In addition, we have models of white sneakers for women, which combine very easily, black sneakers for women that are also easy to match with any outfit, casual sneakers with skulls, freaky sneakers, colorful sneakers for women, sneakers gift ideas, sneakers for men, etc.

What are you waiting for to get your canvas sneakers with our exclusive designs that you won’t see in other stores? Hurry because the coolest designs are the first to sell out. The sooner you buy your sneaker, the sooner you will be sure to wear that high top sneaker that will attract so many eyes and make you feel more attractive. Or to take home the gift of those women’s shoes that your best friend is going to love.

Sneakers store that will not leave you indifferent

Have you seen our custom sneakers? Or the camouflage high top sneakers? Or our white sneakers like the one on the cover with a comic book print? We have women’s high top sneakers with the most varied models to ensure that you find the sneakers that will attract attention in your environment. Apart from their quality, if you are looking for cheap sneakers, our value for money is excellent. They are not the typical women’s t-shirts that you can find in stores known for their low quality. In addition, most of our women’s sneakers have exclusive designs that you will not find in other stores. As a result, the value of canvas sneakers increases considerably. We could set higher prices, but our pricing policy is to make them affordable to most customers. On the other hand, we also have custom women’s shoes in which you can put your name or whatever you ask for. Perfect gifts for Christmas, ideas for birthdays, sneakers for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day gifts…

Sneakers street style

Urban Hooligans is a streetwear store with exclusive designs rarely seen in other urban clothing stores. Our customer, the streetwear fan, is our inspiration. Therefore, our urban clothing store exists because of your urban lifestyle. Our designers, in fact, are streetwear users and that’s why the result is noticeable. Finally, we are passionate about urban clothing and we will continue to rack our brains for you to enjoy cool sneakers with the best urban designs. From black women’s sneakers with grunge, punk, heavy metal style… white women’s sneakers with freaky designs, to sneakers in bright colors for the most daring.

Women’s sneakers

Earlier we told you that we work street style with passion. In keeping with our objectives, offering the best price for high top sneakers is also a priority. Each pair of canvas sneakers is adjusted in price as much as possible. In streetwear stores like ours, just as we put all our efforts in the quality of fabric and design, we also focus on price. Although our designs are mostly exclusive, created by our design team and that puts us in value, we also know that street style cannot be expensive. Fans of casual clothing generally do not have great purchasing power. Therefore, we will always try to make you wear cheap women’s shoes even if the product has a much higher value.

Women's sneakers


If you are looking for this, women’s sneakers that match all your outfits, in our wide range of sneakers you will find white women’s sneakers and black sneakers (the easiest to match) to casual sneakers in pastel shades that match easily.


In the purchase decision that customers must make before buying sneakers, for example, exclusivity is one of them. Most of our designs are exclusive and therefore you will not see them in other stores, which is a plus for you.

Custom women’s shoes

We offer a product that is great as gift ideas. Our custom high top shoes, on which you can put your name and surname, just your name or the text you can think of (for example the name of your town), are excellent as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, etc. You can see some samples in the store. For example, there is a sneaker with the name of La Palma de Tenerife, the village devastated by a volcano. Custom shoes are a gift that never fails. To the quality of the sneakers is added the personalization and the result is that the person who receives the gift falls in love. An option that you should consider if you are looking for sneakers to give as a gift.

Geek slippers

Influencers in the fashion world, with geeky sneakers as protagonists, are currently the biggest fashion icon for fashion fans. Just like general fashion, streetwear is not left out, and its fans follow influencers’ Tik Tok or Instagram accounts and get inspired by their looks and the products they promote. They create trends and have many followers wanting to copy all their styles. Therefore, all brands want to count on them to advertise their products. However, many influencers are driven by money and do not care about the values that urban fashion represents. Keep this in mind before following their advice.

Women's sneakers

Where to buy original sneakers online

Urban Hooligans represents all those urban tribes, all those lovers of different cultures, different styles of music or behavior. Our customer is rebellious by nature. Fighter, with personality, and always stands out from the rest. There are very respectable customers looking for Converse sneakers, an icon that represented these values in its beginnings. Today it is purely a commercial product. Our women’s canvas sneakers have exclusive, carefully crafted designs, so you won’t fall victim to manipulation. Wear the women’s high top sneakers that you like the most, without being influenced by others. You can go to a nightclub full of black Vans sneakers and dress like all women, or attract attention with women’s high sneakers that no one has seen before. As long as there are bikers who like to dress representing their lifestyle, as long as there are fans of hip hop, heavy metal, punk…. As long as the LGBT collective continues to fight against marginalization or discrimination for their sexual condition, as long as skateboarders are considered criminals for their hobby, as long as for patriotism a person is attacked and is not allowed to exercise his right to express his ideals freely, as long as there are environmentalists fighting for climate change, etc… As long as there is so much to fight for, Urban Hooligans will be at the service of all of you.

Sustainable fashion

We are very concerned about the environment and the future of our planet. That’s why the Urban Hooligans production and logistics team works so hard. Nearly one million tonnes of textile waste is produced every year and ends up in landfills. The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet.

Sustainable urban fashion aims to ensure that garments are manufactured, sold and used as sustainably as possible. Cotton clothing is widely used for its convenience, but cotton crops use products such as insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers, which mix with water and leach into the soil, severely damaging the areas where they are found.

Urban Hooligans works on demand and thus generates less waste. We only print the products when the customer places the order. Sometimes this results in a delay in delivery compared to those selling well-known commercial brands. There are other companies that also work on demand, but generate a lot of waste due to damaged products during the printing process. We do not. The production managers of our products donate the returned products to charities and animal shelters.

Women's sneakers

How to wash canvas sneakers

Finally, a few tips that are very useful to take care of your women’s sneakers. Canvas sneakers, canvas high top shoes, casual sneakers or women’s high top sneakers allow us to be fashionable but they stain more than other shoes made of other materials, or the stains are immediately visible. The advantage of canvas shoes is that since they are worn more in spring and summer and are made of fabric, they dry quickly both inside and out.

The most convenient is to wash canvas sneakers in the washing machine, but they also get damaged sooner and lose their beauty both in the outer and inner fabric, rivets, etc. To clean canvas sneakers in the washing machine, use a short wash program, cold water and gentle spin. To prevent fading, a trick to fix the colors is to soak the canvas sneakers in salt. Before the first wash, soak the canvas sneakers in cold water with plenty of salt, mixing the salt beforehand. Do not leave them soaking for more than 20-30 minutes because the salt can damage the canvas. Do not mix tarpaulins of different colors that may fade.

Another way to remove dirt and make them look as good as new is to clean the soles to remove sand, mud, etc. Run an old toothbrush over the surface of the shoe to remove dirt and debris.

Clean them with a sponge or brush dipped in a mixture of water, neutral soap and a little baking soda. Make circular movements in the areas where there are stains and then wipe with a clean dry cloth to remove the remains of the mixture.

Place newspaper inside to absorb moisture and keep their shape.

Let canvas sneakers dry in the shade so that the sun does not spoil the colors and your canvas sneakers will look as good as new.

Wash white sneakers: If they are white and have yellowed a little, recover their white color by adding a little lemon juice to the mixture. Remember to always remove the laces.