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The clothes that enhance your tattoos

A revolution is born in Spain: The first clothing brand for tattoo enthusiasts

An innovative and unique proposal: the first Spanish clothing brand designed especially for those who wear art in their skin. This passionate project brings together a team of talented creatives, all streetwear enthusiasts, with a solid track record in urban art. Their mission is simple: to offer meticulously crafted and exclusive designs that spring from experiences lived on the streets and that merge perfectly with the masterpiece that is a tattoo, achieving a unique look that enhances your authenticity.

Urban Hooligans prints are carefully designed for those who carry an expression of their unique identity on their skin. They are aimed at individuals with a young spirit, a rebellious character and a fearless and outgoing personality. These designs are not just clothing items, they are an extension of the self, a manifestation of the strength and courage that resides in each of our clients.

Our source of inspiration, our creative lighthouse, our muse, is our client. Every design we create has in mind those who have already decided to mark their bodies with ink, and our goal is to enhance their style and amplify their personality. In every garment we produce, we see the opportunity to empower its wearers and celebrate the unique beauty of each tattooed individual. We are more than a clothing brand; We are a community that celebrates authenticity, bravery and passion for art in all its forms, where fashion and tattoo intertwine to create something truly extraordinary.

We invite everyone to immerse themselves in the deep essence of Urban Hooligans, where creativity, style and rebellion come together in a vibrant symphony of design that represents both the wildest and most daring, as well as the noblest, side of the human being. Urban Hooligans is not just a clothing brand, it is a lifestyle and an affirmation of your uniqueness.

At Urban Hooligans, we offer a proposal that combines the classic with the most avant-garde in the artistic expression of tattooing. Our goal is to captivate the customer, release their authenticity and reject the depersonalized trends that flood the fashion industry. We want the user to be the center of attention, to breathe the magic of our designs and feel like they are the protagonist of life.


Our store was born from an idea that two creative women had on a trip to London. After enjoying the alternative atmosphere of Camden Town, a refuge for counterculture, we decided to set up the Urban Hooligans brand to dress people decked out in tattoos. Black t-shirts for rockers, heavies, bikers, sinisters, goths, etc. whose designs are an extension of their inked skin. We looked for designers who had the same profile and we found them. Our design team, raised "on the streets" of subversive neighborhoods, identified with our future clients. With their passion we could create very careful and exclusive designs with which clients also identified and thus could defend those ideals that they carry within, that many of us feel, and that makes us different. And thus Urban Hooligans was born.

We wanted to do something different, not take advantage of trends. Our clothes carry our hallmarks, our experiences, our adolescence, our first hangover, our first date, our first kiss, our first time, our first disappointments... Our products are not a mere decoration, but rather they transmit a way of life, a philosophy.


We are concerned about the environment and the future of our planet. Every year almost one million tonnes of textile waste is produced and ends up in landfills. The textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world. Cotton clothing is widely used for its comfort, but cotton crops use pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers, which mix with water and leach into the soil, seriously affecting the areas where they are found. Once in stores, unsold t-shirts end up burned or in landfills, resulting in more emissions and pollution.

Urban Hooligans works on demand and thus less waste is generated. We only print the products once the customer places their order. There are companies that also work on demand, but they generate a lot of waste due to damaged products during the printing process. Those responsible for the production of Urban Hooligans products donate the returned products to charities and animal shelters.


On the other hand, the printers used to print textile garments are from the Kornit brand, which produce almost zero water consumption and use less energy. The inks used are water-based and free of toxic chemicals.

We use top quality, world-class printers. Thanks to the customization that the technicians make in their configuration, the technology has been perfected to obtain the maximum performance of the printing colors and that the t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc., come out with them clear and vivid.


The quality of our products is supported by the fact that we only have a repeat shipment rate of 0.26%.


All our orders go through a three-step quality check before shipping to our customers. We have automated software that examines the quality of graphics before printing them. Printer inks are tested to see which ones give the best printing result. Specialists in the production department review the quality of the design during printing and a final review is done by the quality team before it is sent. In addition, product washing tests are carried out to check the quality of the printing.


Thank you to our clients for being like this. The fight that is lost is the one that is abandoned. We are still in the gap, fortunately. You are our inspiration. Don't change, humanity needs you.

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